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It’s an “All Things YouTube and the Creator Economy” episode! We welcome returning guest, director Alex Winter

A chat about the impact of YouTube with Alex Winter, former Bill and current director of thought-provoking new documentary, The YouTube Effect

The director of documentary "The YouTube Effect" talks Andrew Tate, Gamergate, and the almighty (or is it?) algorithm.

If you haven’t seen The YouTube Effect yet, this podcast will still make total sense, but you should add it to your watch list for sure.

Alex Winter explains why Hollywood must stop trying to imitate the ecosystem of the creator economy

Filmmaker Alex Winter writes about his new documentary The YouTube Effect, which explores the harmful influence of the video-sharing platform

Alex talks with Marc about his new film The YouTube Effect, as well as his other work on the growth of online communities and his doc about Frank Zappa

Director Alex Winter and producer Gale Anne Hurd talk with Rick Damigella about the documentary on the video platform's effect on its viewers and society.

'Bill & Ted' star Alex Winter's latest doc, 'The YouTube Effect' will debut exclusively at Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas before expanding...

Here's a first teaser for The YouTube Effect, the documentary by Alex Winter will premiere at the Tribeca Festival on June 11.

New films from Katie Holmes, Lena Waithe, Alex Winter, Sam Pollard and more will play at the NYC fest running June 8-16

Valhalla Entertainment, Trouper Productions and Zipper Bros. Films have kicked off production on upcoming documentary Mass Effect: The Story of YouTube, Deadline hears.

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